Headed Home for the Holidays

By Carolyn On Tuesday, December 19, 2006 At 1:09 PM

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Anonymous Jim Says:

Is this Jeff and Carolyn in their 'younger' years?

Anonymous Dawn Says:

2 days ago they were wearing shirts that said "he did it!" or "she did it"...what in the world happened????????

Anonymous Mary Smith Says:

Hi Carolyn..... This is Mary Bechtel Smith.. I am sure your mom has told you about SOME or our stories in school and then OFF to college in our OWN apartments!!! We will probably keep most of that to ourselves. hahhahah....

I have known T pretty much all of my life now. I am always amazed at the pictures you take!! T sends them to me and I have literally seen you and Corts kids GROW UP.... I have promised T that I will come and meet all of you SOON!!! I forward most of them to some of my friends just so they can see your work!!! Wonderful job and so creative!! Just like your mama!!! I did meet you but you were to little to remember!! My older brother ran around in school with Franklin!!

Hope to meet you in person SOON!!!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

I spewed coffee on your comment. Now THAT's funny! (and true!)


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