Proud MAC Daddy

By Carolyn On Wednesday, September 13, 2006 At 9:01 PM

Adelyn opened her birthday present from Jeff tonight-a MAC labtop! She is soooo excited! She has thought it was unfair that Sam had one and she didn't. After much searching Jeff found her this old orange laptop. The orange ones are had to find. But hey, color is important to a 7 year old girl!! She thinks she is big stuff and the MAC daddy is proud!!

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Anonymous Mark W. Says:

Ooooohhhh...shameless indoctrination! What happens when the kids get a bit older and begin to question the "faith?" ;)

Anonymous Says:

I can tell Jeff is proud. Michael was drooling when Jeff told him about it.

Anonymous Michael Says:

I'm so happy for her. I'm glad I could play a little part in the magical "first mac" moment. Everyone remembers their first mac. Its almost as magical as potty trianing. :)

Anonymous UI=3u481Q0BAAA.Rf3dgGm6X2BRwYwmOLUY_0kF6GuTNN-8IMAdmnUR1Rw.HFUKuPFV8JZfMWZm3WqyYg Says:

bless your heart caro
he's even indoctrinated your little girl! lol
i can sympathize tho - except mine is a PC man. this child doesn't have a chance ;p

Anonymous Amanda Says:

Please post. I know you have lots going on, but I feel this is my only way of keeping up with you guys. Jeff's blogs are way to serious or geeky for me. I hope Sam and Adelyn are liking school. Tell everyone I said hi.


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