Southeast Arkansas Bald Eagle

By Carolyn On Tuesday, June 27, 2006 At 10:51 AM

The kids and I got to see a bald eagle last night. It was incredible. There are 4 eagles in all but we only got to see one. There are the parents and 2 babies. We also got to see a 14 foot alligator, humming birds and armadillo. Notice the bird on the very top of the tree to see just how big the eagle is. Also, their nest is on the bottom left. It was amazing!!

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Anonymous Mark W. Says:

Great picture! I'm wondering why that branch isn't bending though...that's one BIG bird.

Val would be jealous about you guys seeing a big alligator. She loves them. We took her to the "alligator petting zoo" in Hot Springs not long ago, and she thought that was the greatest.

Anonymous Sam Says:

Mom I thought you weren't supposed to tell anybody that.

Anonymous Jeff Says:

An "alligator petting zoo" sounds more like a death sentence than a family stopover. ;)

'Ay mate, look 'ere. I can put my whole 'and in his mouth...

Anonymous Andy Says:

Alligator petting zoo? Only in America ;-)


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