Fancy needs a 'trained' shot!

By Carolyn On Wednesday, March 29, 2006 At 10:05 AM

I'm back! We had a long spring break but it was lots of fun!! My sister and her kids were here the first of the week. There was never a dull moment! My car got broken in to at the Nature Center. They stole my purse. We didn't get to see the black bears mo ved from the White River to South Arkansas because of the rain. And the night before they left, Daniel had to go to the emergency room for a busted chin!! Even with all the mishaps we had a blast. It did not slow us down a bit.

The end of the week we went to the Little Red River with some friends. We went trout fishing and 'snipe' hunting. The kids and adults had a blast. It was freezing cold. I am still thawing out!!

Yesterday, a puppy lab found its way to our yard. I am sure Dr. AKN Dolittle had something to do with it. The dog was precious. We discovered right away that the puppy had obviously been 'trained'. She could sit on demand. And she would fetch and 'stay'. Adelyn quickly bonded with Amelia. That is what we named her. And both Sam and Adelyn were so impressed that she was so trained and obedient. We warned them that Amelia was someone's pet and not to get too attached. They played in the backyard with her, fed her and introduced her to our cat and dog. That was a site!!! The chihuahua wouldnt stop shaking and barking. And we didn't see the cat for hours. Just when Adelyn got good and attached our new neighbor came over. She asked if we had her puppy. You should have seen the look on Adelyn's face. It was complete betrayal! The funniest thing was later on in the day. I was taking Adelyn to dance and she spouted off in the back seat "When are we going to take Fancy to get her 'trained' shot?". It took me a minute to register what the heck she was talking about. I could not stop laughing when I realized that she had been stewing about why her dog couldn't do all the tricks that Amelia could do. And she thought all it took was a trip to the vet. OHHHHHH! How true is this of me!! I would much rather get a quick fix than endure the discipline!! Crash diet instead of change my eating habits and exercise! Depend on Jeff's preaching than read and study the Word for myself! Tell the kids to sit down and shut up instead of actually communicating and explaining things. The list goes on!! But I love what it says in Hebrews12:11. 'Now, discipline always seems painful rather than pleasant at the time, but late it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it." WOW!

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Anonymous Kristy Says:

Oh, how true it is! I'm with you, I want a big red Easy button for life...too bad we're not promised that, huh? Maybe Dr.Doolittle will invent a trained shot and we can use it for dogs, cats, kids, who knows where this could lead. Thanks for writing again, it's so good and you have so much wisdom to share in your unique way...I've been faithfully checking every day:)

Anonymous Tamara Says:

WOW Carolyn. Great analogy! Thanks for the broken toes, I mean encouragement!
Anwya, Jeff got on to me for being a blog lurker when we were at Jim's wedding. So when I read your thoughts, I had to respond. I still haven't commented on anything Jeff has written. Huh, I wonder what that means?... :)

Anonymous Mom Says:

I'm glad the doggy had a home.

Anonymous Jeff-Your Amazing Husband Says:

Wow. That is even funnier in print than it was when you told me. But there is a "trained" shot for kids. It's in the shape of a wooden spoon. And it does wonders.

I'm going to the kitchen to see if I can find something there for wives...

Anonymous jill Says:

oh how i wish there were a shot for weldie!! maybe your crazy "inventor for a husband" can come up with one of those!


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