I am a blogger! oh my gosh!!

By Carolyn On Wednesday, March 01, 2006 At 5:40 PM

I can not believe I have given in to such peer pressure. My husband, Jeff, has been blogging for quite some time and at first, I have to admit, I thought it was rather a waste of time. Then my girl friends all get on the band wagon. Its like Jeff's groupies or something. Weird!! Then my 8 year old son starts his own blog. Which is good considering all the pressure of the GREAT Arkansas Benchmark test that expects 3rd graders to write essays like 7th graders. So what do I do. I give in. It is like I can't resist having a "daily on line diary for all the web to see". ( I got that from Stacy Reed's perspective of blogging.) So this is my feeble attempt. And for those who know me well, I have to have a task at hand. I will post a photo with each blog and a thought or story to go with it! Life is hard but, you know, it is a lot of fun too! And if my photos and thoughts can brighten someone's day maybe blogging is for me!

OK so here is the story! Adelyn, my 6 yr old, goes to bed whining last night about not feeling good and saying she just needs to sleep more. I am thinking that she must be getting sick because she usally is not like this. So this morning she wakes up and the first words are more whining. I told her to go back to bed and I gave her some Motrin. Right as Sam and Jeff leave for school she runs out of her room, dressed, smiling and ready for school. Off she goes or so I think. At noon, I walk by her room and this is what I see in her bed. I started to panick. I kept saying as my world was spinning "I know she went to school, I know she went to school". The closer I get the faster my heart beats. I see her ponytail. I pull back the covers and... it was just a pillow and her American Girl doll that looks like her. I start crying and laughing at the same time. I am also releaved and mad at myself at the same time. Then it hits me that she planned all of this. She wanted to get me and she got me good. For those who know me well, she is JUST LIKE Jeff and his sister, Amy. They keep you laughing and guessing all the time!

This reminds me of how we can let circumstances and unmet expectations rule our thoughts and emotions to a point we miss out on the joy that God has for us. How many times have I been in a situation where I make it more than it really is and fret and worry. In the end I look back and see where God was there all along showing me the way. I could have skipped all of the chaos if I had only trusted and obeyed Him in the first place. I am glad He still loves us and you know He laughs much like I did today!! Nehemiah 8:10b "for the joy of the Lord is your strength"

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Anonymous suzanne Says:

look at you!!!
and, of course, it's amazing!!
welcome to the ranks, and please ask your husband why everybody else are scouts and we're all hitchhikers... this has so not gone unnoticed!
i love, love, love the post, keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous Brittany Martin Says:

Hey! I'm so glad you and Jeff have a blog. We never get to see you anymore and it's a way that I can keep track of you guys!

Anonymous Carolyn B. Says:

I wish I had something to say that others would be interested in. I can't even get John to listen to me! :)
I check Jeff's blog almost daily so I'm very excited that you're now a blogger. I'm looking forward to your entries.

Anonymous Kim P. Says:

I can't believe you caved in to the pressure. you are good at it though!

Anonymous Brandi Says:

Isn't amazing that we think that there is no way anyone would want to read what we have to say, and look you have 4 posts! Bravisimo (didn't I even remotely spell this right?)

Anonymous Brandi Says:

Isn't it amazing that we think that we don't have anything to say that anyone would want to listen to and yet here you are with 4 responses. Your pics are awesome (as usual)! Jeff can't be the only computer geek in our church!


Anonymous Carol R. Says:

Aren't you the brave one?! I like to read other people's blogs - to keep up with their lives, but I'm not brave enough to do one myself! Maybe you'll inspire me! I'll look forward to following yours and will enjoy your funny stories!
I just looked at your website for A Noble Photo - IT IS SO GOOD!! I so wish I lived close to you so you could take pictures of my kids! Did Jeff do your website? Pretty swanky!!! Great pictures! Carol

Anonymous Kristy Says:

I'm so happy to see you've joined us. Can't wait to see tomorrow's photos!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

I am so proud... Aaaaah. As I sit here and ponder the bloggin chaos that I've caused. It DOES make me a little nervous. However, honey... sweetie pie... love of my life... you had a GREAT first post! Wow. You were "born to blog!" Now don't get too uppity or nothin,' OK?

Anonymous jill Says:

CARO!! glad you're here!! long time no talk. this gives me something else to read, b/c jeff's blogs are kinda boring sometimes. haha i'll add you to my list of blogs i read! :)

Anonymous Dawn Says:

Your site looks great! I wish my site looked good..Mine is so boring. I love the story of Adelyn. She is quite the practical joker! you are in so much trouble. sad that Adelyn can't come over this weekend, but glad that Courtney and the kids are coming. u guys will have lot of fun...i know that it will be total chaos there for a few days! have fun. see you later.


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