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By Carolyn On Wednesday, March 08, 2006 At 10:08 PM

Today will feature Sam's photo work. He has his own digital camera and he captured a great shot yesterday in the midst of one of my many projects. I always have a project. Why or where I get these crazy ideas I do not know( I am sure it is genetic) but it drives my husband in sane. I started this swing hanging project yesterday. This swing has been sitting on the ground for almost a year. I couldn't stand it another day so I went to the farm supply store to get some cable. As you can see in the last photo, the hanging project was not the greatest. Sam captured the shot right as the cable popped. Just look at the expressions on their faces. I was rather proud of my future photographer. And today it was another task- rearranging the living room which involved Jeff having to totally rewire the tv and his beloved surround sound system. Its like I can't stop. Some are addicted to porn, smoking, food, etc. I am addicted to projects and I can't sleep until they are finished. Sometimes the projects are in my head and if I can just write it down on paper it calms things for me until I can actually get my hands dirty. Its crazy! Many of you have been affected by this addiction. For that, I am sorry! I do hope I helped in some way though!!

I Corinthians 3:5" What, after all, is Appollos? And what is Paul? Only sevants, through whom you came to believe-as the Lord has assigned to each his task"

Maybe some of my 'tasks' are good!!

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Anonymous kristy Says:

yes, we have all been touched by your task-orientedness. don't worry, though, some of us have the same addiction-well, maybe on a lesser scale. wanna come help me move furniture, sew, or paint today? just kidding...but next week i'm getting that file thing for my stampin' stuff. get ready!

Anonymous JEFF Says:

Dangit! My wife stole my blog entry. I was all prepared and was semi-cooking up an entry in my head with these pix, and there she goes. Ah well.

I'd just like to use this comment page as a prayer request for myself and children today...

Anonymous Dawn Says:

THIS IS YOU....MRS. PROJECT QUEEN...AND YES, IT IS GENETIC...YOUR MOM AND GRANDMOM ARE JUST LIKE YOU!!!! I like all your do you get them into your blog? I am a total idiot..everytime i try to upload it gets me out??

hope you read my blog i wrote alot...of course you know the whole story, but it was such an unforgettable day!!


Anonymous suzanne Says:

oh my gosh. that is SO funny! i jumped over here to finally link your page to mine and got hooked. that is too good. i have a problem with tasks too. but isn't it fun?

Anonymous jeff Says:

you're overdue for a blog! we're dying out here, longing for "positive" input from you. how can we go on? oh the shame... sniff. whine.


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