I'm sorry! I was thinking about cabbage.

By Carolyn On Saturday, March 04, 2006 At 8:55 PM

It is that time of year in Monticello when the daffodils are in bloom. Every year I take my kids photos out in a field by our house. The last two years Sam has not been in the photo. It is kind of sad. But Sam and flowers do not mix. Sam and baseball, Sam and football, Sam and videogames, Sam and his new blog. OK, but not flowers. Thank goodness God blessed me with one of each because I could never choose between watching Sam play sports or Adelyn picking flowers. It is great!! Sam's latest thing is the saying "oh, I'm sorry! I was thinking about cabbage!" He says it right when you think he was paying attention to you. And it is usually said when he does not want to answer the question being asked. He is a joy even though he never will or never has been much on expressing himself. Maybe his blog will help!!

I hope those who love to read blogs don't get tired of me reading into things. It is kind of scary actually writing down how my mind thinks. Anyway, today while I was taking photos of Adelyn I got to thinking about my life. Without too many details, my life is like the above photo of the daffodil. It is beautiful but a little out of focus. I let my thoughtlife go hog wild and my worries get my world spinning. But the minute I give it over to the Lord things get back into focus. And I can see the beauty of life and this world so much better. I love how God does that for us. Even though I am usually back in the same boat an hour later!! But thank God He is faithful!!

Luke 12:27 "Consider how the lillies grow. They do not labor or spin"

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Anonymous jeff Says:

wow. you are incredible. i am a little frightened and intimidated by your bloggability. you're a great writer too. maybe you should be the one trying to get published? love ya!

Anonymous kristy Says:

I'm loving your blog. Keep up the good work. I love how God can change our perspective and get us back into focus, too! Thanks for the encouragement to let Him.

Anonymous Brandi Says:

And you didn't want to blog. Open your thoughts and Einstein is in there. You are a beautiful writer and an incredible artist. How I wish that my camera could make my pics look that good....thought again about giving a class for the camera illiterate?!?!?!

Anonymous jill Says:

love the pics!! adelyn looks so much like you - guess that's better than her looking like jeff ;p
are u still doing photography professionally?

Anonymous Marylee Noble Says:

I love the application you make of the flower and photography to our Christiam life. Adelyn is certainly the most beautiful little girl in the world. What a blessing you are to us.


Anonymous Carolyn Says:

Jill, I am still doing photography professionally. God has blessed us with this business so we can start Journey Church. It has been fun but a lot of work too! :) So good to talk to you even though it is through the world wide web!!

Anonymous Mary Smith Says:

I can tell you I love you as much as I do your mother... She and I have seen many things "out of focus" in the ahem 70's... but we always landed on both feet and we have wonderful families...... You for T, my son and hubsand for me. We NEVER lost our faith in what we know God can do for us and give us if we are patient!! I am so blessed to have had a mother that was Teresa's second mom that taught my sister and brothers about the Lord!! Thanks Carolyn


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