Spring is here and I am too busy to post!

By Carolyn On Thursday, March 16, 2006 At 8:24 AM

OK! I am still here. Life has been a little hectic! All my friends make blog entries like it is brushing your teeth. To me it is like writing that dreaded English essay that you wait to the last minute to do. Why did I get myself into this!!! Anyway, spring is in the air at the Noble house or should I say 'spring cleaning'. My sister, her 5 year old twin boys and 6 month old little girl are flying in today for Spring Break. We are so excited. Well, all of us but Jeff. He is trying to find some place to go in all the excitement. He said to me yesterday "I am thinking of some place to go in the next couple of days". I said "You will be going to Divorce court if you don't change your attitude". He didn't have a come back. I was proud of my comment. I surprise my self sometime.

Also, this week I actually paid someone to rake my yard. It looks awesome!!!!! It looks like the whole yard has been vacuumed. It has never been so clean. If you need a yard man let me know! Having a clean yard inspired me to buy flowers and put together the coolest present I got for Christmas from my step dad. You can see in the picture that it is a steel rod and base where you tilt and fill three to four ceramic pots. Isn't it cool? All the women in my family got one. Way to go Hunter!!

Don't expect a post anytime soon! It is Spring Break and I am not writing anymore essays for a while!!:)

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Anonymous jeff Says:

Oh yeah?! Don't make me come back there...

Anonymous jill Says:

oh my goodness, i had no idea your sister had twins AND a baby! my how time flies. how's she doing?? hope ya'll have a wonderful week together. i'd love to spend a week with my sis, but i think josh would go crazy ;p

Anonymous Dawn Says:

Are your flowers dead yet??????? by the way...fordyce group wants a different pic time..we are over there on Monday nights. can they come by after dance? Maybe in 2 weeks because we haven't gotten all of our costumes in. let me know...we are on spring break this week.


Anonymous Carolyn Says:

Jill, Jeff almost went crazy! But we had a blast!

Dawn, my flowers ARE NOT DEAD!!!!!!!


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