Oooo! I'm tellin'! You're not blogging!!!

By Carolyn On Friday, June 23, 2006 At 2:20 PM

I mean, please. Is Jeff not just like that kid you had to play with as a child that loved to tattle tale? Or maybe your kid has a friend like that now and the whole 'come over and play' day is her running back and forth to you with tattle tales. I will blog when I can! No need to go and tattle on me and having the whole blog world come to my whimpy site. I am not like Jeff. Writing for me is an effort. When he writes it is like picking his nose. Which he thinks is fun, easy and comforting. When I write is like having to stand up and give a speech for Murderers Anonymous. Jeff, stop whining and go back to your blog! and for all of you who care, thanks for stopping by!

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Anonymous Carol Says:

Very hilarious......! really are very good at this! :)

Anonymous angela Says:

What a great analogy...! Glad to know Jeff can pick his nose as well as he can blog. I just hope it's not at the same frequency!

Anonymous Mark W. Says:

Good one!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

Ah ha! Well, now I can get back to blogging. But keep up the creative juices, or I'll bring the blogosphere down on ya again! ;)

Anonymous suzanne Says:

glad to see you back!

Anonymous Lee Ann Says:

I'm glad to see that you've returned. I loved reading your blog! My favorite part was seeing the pictures and what you had to say about them. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous Lou Arnold Says:

Glad to see you back!

Anonymous rosie Says:

Yea!!! Glad to see you back!!! BTW - Way to go Adelyn!!! I am so proud of you!!!

Anonymous Marylee Noble Says:

Glad you're blogging again. I love your pictures and your writing. I just hope that everyone understands that as Jeff's mother, I tried to break his gross habit, but he's all yours now to corral.



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