Ecclesiastes says

By Carolyn On Monday, August 21, 2006 At 1:59 PM

"Wisdom brightens a man's face and changes its hard appearance."

I love this photo of my grandmother and daughter. They look alot alike. I love grandmother's wrinkles and Adelyn's smooth skin. Life is fleeting. So quick but so fun and full of blessings. The Bible says wisdom comes from God. May my face be bright and not hard much like Grandmother's. She is beautiful, her wisdom wrinkles add to her beauty. This photo is a picture of life and I am so thankful for both of the loved ones in it!

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Anonymous Carol Says:

What a neat picture! Roselle hardly even has any wrinkles - you're right - she is a beautiful great-grandmother! You and Adelyn definitely both have good genes - inside and out - and can look forward to aging gracefully!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

Well, well, well. As always, an amazing post.

And you said you just didn't have it in you.

BTW, uh, don't read my comments on Angela's blog today. They're insignificant. Nothing really. It'd just be a waste of your time...

Anonymous A.J. Says:

That's an awesome picture!

Anonymous Letty Says:

The picture says so much...what a wonderful
gift for your Mother and Daughter.

Anonymous Marylee Noble Says:

I love the picture of Adelyn at the lake and the one of Roselle and her. Just don't forget Adelyn is half Noble : )


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