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By Carolyn On Thursday, August 10, 2006 At 9:51 PM

My husband is giving me a hard time about not blogging. Are you surprised? I swear I kick myself daily for ever starting this! But being in NM and being detached from Jeff, my friends and all my blogging buddies, it just makes you want to blog and get some kind of response from the ones you are so use to being around. The kids and I have been in El Paso, TX, for several days to see my sister and her family. I can say I have never been to El Paso even though I grew up in NM. It was just like they say. American life(shopping centers, subdivisions, etc) on one side of the interstate and then pure Mexico poverty on the other side(dirt roads, shacks, few cars). My grandmother went with me and on the way back to my parents we stopped at the Guadalupe Mountains. They were beautiful. It is not like Arkansas around here. But there is beauty in the desert, the rock, the sunsets and even the tumbleweeds. It's only when you leave it and come back that you appreciate it. I guess that is how I feel about you there in Monticello and in the blogging world. I miss you! Dang it! So it brings me to blog! I might actually blog again before I leave. And that would be a record for me!!!!!

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Anonymous Mark W. Says:

Thanks for the post! I'm jealous - I love the beauty of the desert! I get to fly to Albuquerque each spring for a conference there - fun place. I hope you're enjoying your time in NM. Are there desert pictures in development?

Anonymous rosie Says:

For those of us who have not had the opportunity to view such beauty will you share your photos with us in your next post? I would love to hear how Isabella and the boys are doing - of course pics would be great!!! Looking forward to your next post!

Anonymous Carolyn Says:

I am in NM without a Mac. So I can not upload any photos. Sorry! It is killing me!!!!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

Aaaah. Thanks, honey! Now, we all know you have tons of free time on your hand. So, let's get to posting. ;) Go buy one of those new Macbooks and write it off as a business expense or something. I'll take care of it for you when I get home! Call me, and I'll walk you through how to get your pix onto the PC... (I think).


Anonymous Lou Arnold Says:

Glad you are having fun in New Mexico. I love El Paso. I can't wait to see some of your pics.

Anonymous Carol Says:

Are you still in Hobbs? You know you're supposed to tell me when you're going there - just in case I'm there too. :) My kids were there the 9th - 11th - Pat and I were in Florida.

Anonymous kristy Says:

Lookey what I stumbled upon. A post from Carolyn. Gee, you should get away more often! Just kidding. We miss you too-don't know what to do without you, etc. etc. See you soon!


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