Football season!!!

By Carolyn On Tuesday, September 05, 2006 At 7:56 AM

It is that time of year! Crisp, cool air. Pine needles falling. Fantasy Football. Pee Wee Football. Billies Football. NFL Football. And even Razorback Football. This is my family's favorite sport and time of year. Jeff has Sam(who is 9!!!!) addicted to fantasy football. Sam even has his own kid league this year. Jeff coaches Sam's pee wee football team. And Jeff continually stays mad at the Razorbacks.So footballs are every where around here! Enjoy the season!!

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Anonymous Dawn Says:

Adelyn's little legs are quite accentuated by those huge shoulder pads!!! They are so cute...Hannah is practicing up on her American Idol performance! The Reeds know a thing or two about football too!

Anonymous Mark W. Says:

Fun picks! Football is by far my favorite spectator sport...I played football from 5th grade on, so these pics bring back fond memories! Have a great season!


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