Lazy days of summer

By Carolyn On Wednesday, August 23, 2006 At 1:36 PM

Oh, the lazy days of summer are over. How sad. We have had a wonderful summer. The kids were in NM and TX for a month with my family. They had a blast and made lots of memories. They came back tanner and taller. They came back on Friday and went back to school on Monday. Back to reality! The lazy days of summer are over. This photo of Adelyn waiting for her turn on the jet ski is a great picture of 'wait'. The wait for next summer. The wait for school to be over. The wait for freedom. This world is full of 'waits'. Thank you, Lord, that what we wait for is so much better and greater than the wait!! It makes the waiting worth it!

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Anonymous Lou Arnold Says:

Sounds like they had a great time. How time flies? They were gone a month. It doesn't seem like that long.


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