Cousin Cuties and their moms

By Carolyn On Tuesday, January 09, 2007 At 7:00 PM

My sister, Cortney, and I are 6 years and 10 months apart. Coincidentally, our daughters, Adelyn and Mattie, are 6 years apart.

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Anonymous Jeff Says:

That expression on your face in the last picture... I didn't realize that you've been making it for so long... ;)

Anonymous rosie Says:

Amazing!!! Isa is a constant reminder of the power of prayer! BTW - You are the evidence of that same power. She looks just like Courtney. Can you post some more pics of the twins and Sam? Adelyn is beautiful - She looks like her mama! Have a great week.

Anonymous Carol Says:

Funny, Jeff.....I had the exact same thought about the face in the last picture - that I've seen it before!
I've enjoyed all of the pics from Hobbs! It's kind of fun there have been new pics every day!

Anonymous Jeff Says:

What the? Was the first pic not good enough? Now you had to go and add fru-fru to it.. ;)

Anonymous Mary Smith Says:

Carolyn...... This is Mary.. I have known your mama for well...... lets just say before we were in beginner undergarments!! teehee... We went all through school together and then OFF to college and we will keep those stories to ourselves..!!!! NAH.....we were good!!! SHHH Teresa......don't tell our secrets.... just kidding....

I LOVE your work.... your mother has shared you and Corts kids growing up.. I feel as though I know so much about you and Cortney and the kids..... Can't wait to meet you all in person..... WONDERFUL WORK and so creative!!! Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
God Bless you for sharing your inner eye and thoughts with all of us who have the priviledge to see it, read it and hear it!!!


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