Journey Church's Morning Ladies' Bible Study Goes On Line!

By Carolyn On Friday, January 19, 2007 At 7:02 PM

Come along with us!

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Blogger Amy Ables Lawson Says:

Hi, Carolyn! I've been one of your lurkers for awhile. I tried to leave a comment some time ago, but your comment apparatus was broken. I had to tell you that I LOVE this idea. We have to move a lot and I'm thinking this would be an incredible way to stay connected and continue some relationships that I've grown in my Bible study group. Wow, I can think of so may great ways this can be used. What a super idea! How has it bee working for you all?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Carolyn, honey... when people leave a comment on your blog with a question in it, that means you're supposed to respond.

It's kind of like tennis. They hit the ball to you... you hit the ball back. If you keep the ball, the game is over... ;)

Blogger Carolyn Says:

Hi Amy! So good to hear from you! Our ladies are through with this study. But during the study it was great. Not everyone would comment but it was great for the ones who wanted to be a part of the study but could not attend. They are the ones who commented the most. I think you should do it. It is a great way to communicate. So good to hear from you. Take care! Carolyn

Jeff, would you like to write my next post? You have already changed by template(which I do not like!). When did you become my blog monitor?!?!?


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