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By Carolyn On Wednesday, July 04, 2007 At 8:25 PM

Adelyn and I went to see Ratatouille while Jeff and Sam went to a Travelers baseball game. After the movie she wanted to try her hand at being a chef. She wanted to cook Fruit Pizza. She did this ALL by herself. I gave her no advice and she decorated much better than I ever would have. I have Sam conquering the grill and Adelyn baking. Life is great!

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Blogger Shelley Smith Says:

maybe Adelyn can give my kids some positive peer pressure and make them eat fruit!

Blogger K.T. and her family of crafters. Says:

Ooooooh My kids would love that too....I have them doing a bit of cooking,wasnt sure what age I should "dive right in".
When I was 7,I made these awful doughey biscuits that I made of flour and water and microwaved till rubbery.....
Needless to say I have gotten better at cooking.

Blogger jenny Says:

yummy! i love your fruit pizza! kind of a combo between unhealthy/healthy!! i like it!!


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